SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence- Product of the Year

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence- Product of the Year

August 3, 2022 0 By Kennedyseat

The lack of wires makes the SpotOn collar a great fir for those that either don’t like the idea of digging up their yards or those unable to do so. In the old days of electric dog fences, the collars would often emit a piercing squeal when the dog approached a buried wire. Then when they crossed it, they would receive a brief shock from the collar. With the SpotOn Virtual Fence review you get a straightforward and simple setup and use.

If your house has a bigger area to cover, opt for a more powerful underground dog fence that can cover a wider area. So we have come up with a buyer’s guide that will help you to choose a wireless fence for your pooch to help you choose the best. The collar has an adjustable nylon strap that sits conveniently on your dog’s neck, and it has a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to put on or take off. It uses a straightforward transmitter with only two buttons, and it can be used to adjust the circular barrier range. Fortunately, most dogs will stop advancing towards the perimeter with the first correction if they are trained properly. 【Rechargeable receiver collar 】The wireless receiver collar is equipped with high capacity durable battery which is…

The SpotOn Virtual Fence is a good choice for a dog owner that wants to set up a fence easily and then forget about it. This is a great system for those who want something that they can set and forget. (Arf, arf…) Read our SpotOn Virtual Fence and Halo Collar comparison, our Wagz Freedom Collar and SpotOn Fence comparison, or check out our guide to today’s best invisible dog fences. This is an ideal set-up for those dogs that spend a lot of time outside. The battery charge on the unit lasts for up to 18 hours, so it’s perfectly safe to let your dog wander all day and to charge up the collar at night. A longer battery life means less collar failure and less of a chance of your dog getting out of its boundaries.

Owners don’t have to deal with various physical parts that their dog might try to eat. Just map out the property, and those areas are fenced in and ready for fun. Halo tech support is available for video chat sessions via Zoom Mondays through Fridays and live chat, phone, and email support seven days per week.

Additionally, it shows you how far they travel throughout the day and whether or not they go outside the dog fence. While a less technologically advanced training collar would require you to install wires across your property to set up a virtual fence, Halo collars allow you to skip this step. There are a few factors that you should consider before investing in wireless dog fences and they are listed below. It is made with a high-quality 14-gauge wire, which is thicker than the 20-gauge wire with most invisible dog fence kits, and it can withstand natural elements. The collar is waterproof and can withstand submersion underwater for up to 100 ft. It is a perfect solution for dog owners with a large piece of land.

That’s a small sliver of the $99 billion that people will spend on their pets in the U.S. this year, the bulk of it on food and veterinary care. “We’re focused on high-tech products—because that’s our background—for pet owners,” he says. For dog owners who want to let their dogs roam but don’t want to look at a physical fence, a GPS-based, wireless fence may be an ideal system. Using a collar with a GPS tracker enables you to keep tabs on your dog’s location. Marrying that functionality with geo-fencing and a smartphone app takes the system to the next level. Overall, the SpotOn Virtual wireless dog fence is unique because the collar is paired with a phone app.