The Company Gives You All Your Favorites-NYSE: UMC


Your favorite food restaurants like pizza hut, KFC, East Dawning, Little Sheep, etc. provide you some delicious food to make you happy. We enjoy them a lot and prefer going there again and again. But we never think about the behind managements. The company that manages the behind work of these restaurants are involved in so much hard work and formalities. The whole system is managed by various restaurant concepts.


The NYSE: UMC at is an America fortune fast-food restaurant company. The segment of the company includes Pizza hut, KFC, Pizza hut casual dining, etc. The company is incorporated in the United States. The company has its headquarters in China. It is considered the largest food company in China, which has recorded a revenue of US6.8$ billion and has over 7,600 restaurants. It is spun from yum brands in 2016; it has become independent. It became the best publicly-traded company on 1 November 2016. The company tremendously operates over 8,484 restaurants in over 1100 cities. Towns located in every province and autonomous region in Mainland China and have a workforce of 450,000 employees.


Yum China abroad

Yum China has subsidiary companies all over the world. Little sheep with specific locations in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States are scattered tremendously. There are 29 locations in the nine US states. They are mostly in California. They include nine locations in Canada provinces, 17 in Japan, and 1 in Jakarta, Indonesia.



  • Previous close-53.33
  • Open 53.32
  • market cap- 19.766B
  • Bid- 0.00*800
  • Ask- 52.79*800
  • day’s range- 52.05-53.74
  • Volume-745,303
  • Average volume- 2,458,741
  • Beta(5y monthly)- 0.83
  • PE ratio- 36.69
  • EPS(TTM)- 1.43


Corporate sector

The current chairman of the company is David Gibbs. Former CEOs include Greg Creed and David C. Novak.

The people involved in all the company management and the people who are associated with the company are all intellectually concerning about the welfare of the company, and all the stock relations are well-handled by them.


The NYSE: UMC is the largest company that provides the best quality food to its customers around the world. Not only restaurant services, but it also provides home delivery to its customers, which eases their process of buying food and enjoy. Certain offers are provided seasonally to make the customers happy.

The delicious food and service quality is one of the reasons for the popularity of brands like Pizza Hut. This is all managed by the YUMC. The fact that is so famous is the skills of management and service. The employees they hire are very concerned about their customer’s issues, and they never fail.  You can do stock trading at the stock app with options trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.