Texas Real Estate Course for the Licensed Realtor

Texas Real Estate Course for the Licensed Realtor

July 9, 2021 0 By Kennedyseat

There are several types of Real Estate courses available today. Many colleges offer an Associate’s in Real Estate or an Associates Degree in Real Estate. A certificate in Real Estate is also available. A great type of course to complete prior to obtaining your real estate license is a Real Estate course which is completed as a workshop.

A Real Estate Broker provides leads for buyers and sells properties for clients, under the direct supervision of an experienced real estate agent; obtains extensive lists of residential property for sale from using private agent; helps buyers (clients) of real estate find and buy property (listed by using private agents or brokers). A Realtor obtains a real estate license through an examination administered by the Board of Equalization of Texas. There are a number of requirements to become a real estate agent and the examination for the real estate license is no different than for any other profession. There are two licensing examinations – the Real Estate Settlement Examination and the Real Estate Agent Exam. Both of these tests must be passed in order to sit for the actual certification exam.

In order to get your real estate agent license, you will need to complete one of four courses: a core course, a specialization course, a continuing education course or a combination of both. You will need a minimum of 75 hours of study in order to fulfill the requirements for the core course. Most colleges offering courses in real estate agent training will require a year of supervised apprenticeship experience. The following is a brief description of the requirements for these various courses:

A Core Course is a general introduction to real estate that will cover the basics of all laws that are related to real estate. It will include Property Types, The Collateral and Trustee Relationship, Mortgages, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Money Management, State Law, Taxation, Ethics and Auditing, and Education. At least 75 hours of study and the passing of the Real Estate Settlement Examination are required to complete this course. This is the minimum requirement to become a real estate agent in Texas. If you meet the requirements to get your core course approved but do not pass the examination you can complete the specialization course by taking additional elective courses, including courses in real estate law, estate investing and market trends. Visit www.validum.edu.au for more information.

A Specialization Course will provide further information on a specific aspect of real estate that an applicant must know. For example, the seller’s perspective on Commercial Property in Houston, Texas. The applicant must first complete the core Specialization course, then pursue electives in Commercial Property Management in Houston, Texas; Commercial Real Estate Investment in Houston, Texas and Real Estate Investing in Houston, Texas. Only after the Specialization course has been successfully completed, should the applicant enter into the pre-license phase of licensing.

To be successful in the field of real estate salesperson, an individual must have a working knowledge of real estate law and the real estate sales process. There is no real way of guaranteeing success unless the candidate passes the 75-hour Certified Realtor exam and the National Association of Legal Security examinations. No matter how well someone passes the exams it does not guarantee a job.