An Artist’s Biography

An Artist’s Biography

August 29, 2021 0 By Kennedyseat

Established in 1998, Grove Square Galleries has grown to become one of the UK’s leading art venues and advisory services. With an eclectic mix of media-related activities and exhibits, the Gallery offers an eclectic programme of events and talks that run alongside an artist-led programme featuring internationally renowned artists. A full slate of guest speakers and artist appearances ensures that the Gallery remains a constant force on the art public agenda.

The Gallery’s presenters are some of the most talented practitioners in the highly creative field of contemporary art. As the Gallery grows to represent the widest variety of artistic disciplines, it has established a position for itself as a leading contemporary art organisation and contributor to London’s vibrant creative community. The Gallery features a permanent exhibition space dedicated to sculptors. There are regular guest speakers at Grove Square Galleries, who talk about the importance of preserving culture, and how the digital revolution has affected preservation. The Speakers include Dr Ian Thomas (Royal College of Psychiatrists), Professor Peter Bain (Royal College of Psychiatrists), and Professor Paul Butler (Royal College of Psychiatrists).

In April, Grove Square Galleries will feature the launch of a new exhibition space and solo exhibition by British artist, Ben Davis. Ben’s solo show will feature his work from his series of installations. Ben’s interest in installation art stems from his love of the Large Stone, and his desire to connect large scale structures of architecture with small natural features. His contemporary work will combine these ideas with a series of installations in and around the Square.

Ben Davis has been described as a “maniac” by his former employer, the National Gallery, and this love of large-scale installations is present in both of his solo exhibitions, and in his involvement with the London Artspace project. Ben has previously exhibited at the Saatchi gallery in London, and in 2021, he was the featured artist in the exhibition “Thymes, formerly New York, USA”. One of his many collections includes pieces from Japan and Brazil. Ben’s unique voice will feature prominently in the London Artspace exhibition, as he speaks on a wide range of subjects including political and social context, and the role of art in society.

David Cuevas is an award winning musician and has formed a unique alliance with Groove Bar, to create a brand new gallery square in the City of London. David and his partner-in-crime, Sarah Hole, have commissioned renowned architects to design and construct their venue and have also collaborated with a renowned photographer, Guy Hamilton, to produce an exhibition featuring work from several photographers. The venue is designed around David’s passions and each day features a rotating selection of his favourite musical styles. This unusual project, which takes shape over a series of weeks, will be launched later this year, ahead of David’s solo exhibition, entitled “The Lost Keys of Sleep”, at the Saachi gallery. Visit Grove Square Galleries for more information

John Cusack is described by many artists as an “artful curio”. His work is included in numerous national and international exhibitions and has earned him numerous prizes. His installations are similarly distinctive, using materials such as slate and stone to suggest ancient ruins or the luminous skies. Cusack’s solo exhibition “The Singers of Stone”, will feature his acclaimed sculpture “The Singers of Stone & Sound”, which are being exhibited alongside the works of other artists who are also playing a leading role in transforming the Grove Square area into a truly inspiring, funky area.