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Alongside 줄다기리, the popular Netflix series Squid Game featured some other popular games for children as well. For example, the outcome of the game is assumed to predict the year’s upcoming harvest. The game is played with two ropes, made from rice straws, which are connected by a peg in the center, with the two teams pulling at the ropes from opposite sides. Nol-ttwigi is very popular during many festivals, but according to tradition, it was first a game of upper-class female children. Stuck inside their family compounds, they used the game to get a glance at the outside world. Nowadays, Kpop idols try to replicate the game from 먹튀 Game.

But not all games are related to technology, Koreas has quite a variety of traditional games that are played, and can be classified as followed. Tuho was originally popular among royal families and the upper class. In a manner similar to horseshoes, tuho players attempt to throw arrows into the top of a narrow-necked wooden jar. The score is determined by the number of arrows in the jar. Unlike the footbag in a hacky sack, jegi is made out of paper, which is then wrapped around a coin.

The point is to assume nobody else will say the number. This depends on whether the guess was a number lower or higher than the number in the cap. For example, the number in the bottle is 12, and someone guesses 30. The person knowing the number will say “lower,” making the possible range now 1 to 29. Depending on the rules you play with, either the person guessing the correct number will drink, or everyone else will.

When the leader says “dip,” both the leader and opponent make one of three gestures. If the opponent makes the same gesture as the appointed leader, the opponent loses the Korean game, and the next person goes up against the leader. Jeju Island is a special place in Korea because it does look more tropical. So Ji-yeong is like, “Come on, you gotta think big.” Because being in Korea, in some ways, is always a restriction. Koreans feel, in terms of their identity — geopolitically and maybe geographically — a sense of claustrophobia. Because it’s a peninsula, supposedly, but you’ve got the 38th parallel above, above, above, which means that it cannot be crossed.

The game uses small square pillars akin to tombstones knocked down by other tombstones that the player throws. Because it is often played outdoors, it tends to be a spring and summer game. There are different rules according to different regions in Korea, but the game is undoubtedly popular for its simple nature. We often play this game at the kindergarten where I work. Place the tombstone on your head and walk forward without it falling.

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This is one classic Korean game that can be played alone or by any number of people who want to improve their eye and hand coordination. This is another popular game in Korean variety shows which is usually played by two players. The goal of this game is, basically, to push your opponent until he/she loses balance. Basically, there are two players for this game, facing each other.

A squid-shaped outline is drawn and the attacker can only move on one foot until they reach the middle of the squid. The defenders in the pattern can move on both feet, but if they get dragged out of bounds they lose. This game appears in one of the most memorable and emotional episodes, Gganbu.

It was played by stacking the paper up like a tower and either clapping in front of it or slamming your hands down on the table to flip the paper. You start by placing all five stones on the floor, then throw one in the air and grab the other four quickly, and then catch the one in the air before it falls to the ground. A long time ago, it was played with real stones but I used to play with plastic balls that were later being sold. In Korea, people usually played with a spinning top on frozen ice in the winter.

Because you feel as if this is not something that is defined. Life and existence and your identity shouldn’t be defined necessarily by the finitude of death. There’s also that self-referential joke about Lee Byung-hun . Lee Byung-hun is the Korean actor — he’s known even in Hollywood. She says, “Don’t you know that line Lee Byung-hun has about drinking a mojito in the Maldives? ” [In the 2015 film Inside Men, the joke is that Lee’s character gets the two reversed.] And she says the actor’s name.