Calibration Services in Los Angeles, CA Tektronix

Calibration Services in Los Angeles, CA Tektronix

September 18, 2023 0 By Kennedyseat

SIMCO Los Angeles is accredited to ISO 17025, certified to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and compliant to ISO 9001 as indicated by the ILAC/ISO Joint Communique.

Capabilities include certification, radiation auditing, data archiving, hardware permitting, verification, maintenance & repairing. los angeles calibration lab services are suitable for flowmeters up to 100,000 sccm capacities, analyzers & pipettes. Driver, screw feeder and torque meter repair services are also provided. Serves the automotive, aerospace, semi-conductor, medical and electronic device industries.

Testing capabilities include metallographic, non-destructive, fastener, and mechanical. When the pressure is on, costly delays result from waiting on tools, answers, or help. KeysightCare is ensured action, providing a new level of service and support to help your team deliver better results, consistently. As your equipment evolves with the complexity of your design, so should the support you receive.

Castings, forgings, injection molded components, medical devices, aerospace & electronics. Additional capabilities include working from 3-D models with PCDMIS CMM software. To ensure your instruments perform to Keysight factory specifications, calibrations are required. Our new feature, PathWave Calibration Advisor, helps you count on the accuracy of your measurements.

Reduce downtime from days to hours with an onsite service that fits your schedule. Get convenient courier-based pickup in countries where available. Send your equipment to us and count on fast, predictable turnaround time with KeysightCare. Two labs, A and B can observe identical measurement results but with different measurement uncertainties. We treat your company with the level of urgency and care we treat our own.

We offer 24/7 access to certificates, recall reports, and equipment lists. Our customers also the ability to track their equipment in real-time while it is at our facility. Get 24×7 access to your calibration certificates and measurement reports from both the original factory and our global network of service centers. Meet your local and global accreditation needs with 18 local accreditation bodies and international standards such as ISO/IEC and regional standards such as ANSI Z540.3. Get personalized access for all your support needs such as service requests, case management, calibration certificates, technical articles, and more. Ensure the highest accuracy by comparing your device or instrument to a primary or reference standard.

Get faster response, faster access to experts, and faster resolution. Call a customer service representative for details on expedited services, shipping options, and delivery services. We look forward to helping you build the right customized calibration solution for your business. Let us manage all of your precision measurement equipment calibration needs so that you can focus on what you do best. Eliminate the need to update, search, request, or produce timely reports for your team, auditors, and/or managers. Let MQC perform the administrative-related functions of maintaining your database, updating your records, or creating financial/operational reports for your team.

All Keysight Service centers are accredited to their local accreditation body such as JCSS, CNAS, Poverka, UKAS, ANAB, and so many more. Meet global and local (glocal) requirements with a large selection of local accreditation bodies such as JCSS, CNAS, UKAS, ANAB, and Poverka. Ensure your test system performs to specification as we calibrate every specification, every option, every time.

Most companies offer what Micro Quality Calibration (MQC) calls “typical” calibration services. These services include calibration of instruments combined with a pick-up and drop-off service. Calibration services including on-site & depot center calibrating.